My name is Måns Andersen and I'm a game programmer that is currently studying at The Game Assembly. 

I'm a very technical person preferring to first try and make it myself.

As with most of my peers I like playing games as a pastime, when I do I prefer singleplayer games (not just because my internet connection is really bad), and games focused around construction, Factorio, Minecraft etc.

As for programming my main areas of interest are with Rendering, Tools and Systems. When I develop a feature my main goal is always to make it as robust as possible, I'm going to have to come back and fix it anyways so i can atleast try to keep the number of fixes needed down.

Courses in my education

TGA's Programming Education                                                     2018-2021

Individual courses:

  • C++ Programming
  • Theoretical Programming
  • Linear Algebra with focus on 3D mathematics
  • Object oriented programming and design
  • Data structures and algorithms
  • Game oriented data structures and algorithms
  • Design patterns for game developers
  • Tools development
  • Game scripting, implementation and design
  • Applied network programming
  • Applied artificial intelligence
  • Applied graphical programming
  • Applied software development, debugging and optimization

TGA's webpage: www.thegameassembly.com

I'm looking for an internship between September 2020 and April 2021

And i'd love to hear from you through any of the following channels.