Adventure Game:

The secrets of Frogland

What i did:

  • Level loading
  • Particle system
  • Molding pears
  • Tileset implementation

Common Comments:

This was a smoother project than most and there was a lot of time to focus on finer details and somewhat dumb experiments.

Level loading

Making sure work thats put into the game, makes it into the game.


At this point it was somewhat standard for levels to built with 'Tiled' for its ease of use and general purpose utility. It had a pretty big overhead as it's exported into uncompressed json and if i had had more time i would have liked to make i importer to preprocess these files for faster loading.

Molding Pears

Perhaps the thing i'm most proud of in this project.


Towards the end of the project we were feeling pretty done and started polishing things up, so i teamed up with one of the more eager artists to make the pears that were scattered around pushable. With a chance to smush the pear, a mushy sound effect and some squished particles it started looking pretty good, but the cherry on top was a bug in the particle system that lead to it looking like the mushed pears were rotting away. 

Tileset implementation

While not the most entertaining or engaging work it was fun to dig my hands into some deeper rendering concepts.


There was a lot of work and a whole mess of problems with trying to line up the tiles against eachother without obvious seams.

A lot of these problems wouldn't have been had the engine we were programming in (TGA2D) not had a lot of wierd quirks about how images were scaled.

Particle system

Bright things, usually found where you want something illuminated


We decided to reuse the particle system i had made for an older project. While i'd go on to make a better system for my 3d games, this was quite powerfull for what it needed to do. though a small bug in the system made it so some particles would go dark before fading, which led us to the moldy pears