Space Shooter: Galaxy Express

What i did:

  • Rendering Engine (With Pyrola)
    • Particles
    • Lights
    • Debug System
  • Spline Calculations

Common Comments:

Pretty much all of my time and energy in this project was spent getting the rendering engine up and running. As a result i dont have anything particular to point at and go, 'I made that', but i'm generally quite proud of how it turned out and consequently how easy it was to work with in the rest of the projects.


Made with screenspace billboards and a lot of lerping.


While it might have been easier to use json or xml as a fileformat i due to the performance overhead i decided to make my own memcpy'able format.

It might not have been necessary as it's just done in load time but it was a fun exercise.

Debug System

Simple to use debugline drawing with a minimal performance hit


It might have been a bit overenginered but it did it's job, and it did it very well while still being easy too use.


Bright things, usually found where you want something illuminated


It was fun to implement light thoughout the whole project, until we settled the game to be on a massive scale and all of the well crafted attenuation curves had to be redone for the selected scale.

Spline calculations

Following lines is simple, following curves is harder but still quite simple, following them well is another question entirely


There was a lot of back and forth on which interpolation algorithm we should use, so in the end i endeed up making it able to use all of the common ones (Bezier, catmul-rom etc) just so i could be out of the question and let the others fight it out between themself.